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Steve and I just had the privilege of teaching one of the Spring Equip Courses: CITC’s Vision & Values.  It’s truly one of our favorite things that we get to do; there really isn’t anything like celebrating the joy of family, discovering how we belong and build together.

The class was such a great mix of people — some who have only recently started coming to Church in the City, others who have been a part for years.  We gathered after our Wednesday night prayer meetings for the last three weeks and discussed the ins and outs of how we, at CITC, function as a Family headed by Jesus, in submission to His Word and in partnership for advancing His Kingdom.  The questions and conversation were absolutely awesome.  The unity of heart was unmatched.

Teaching the course was a fresh reminder for me of the great privilege we have to be the local church: the family that God has called us to be a part of.  If you’d like more info on making Church in the City your church home (or having that conversation) or on other Equip Courses (coming up this Fall), then stop by the LOOP on Sunday morning and we’ll help you find out more.

– James

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