Faithfulness & Provision (Vince)

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Thanks, Vince, for sharing this account of God’s provision.

Vince shared at our Sunday Celebration on November 22nd, 2015, and also wrote the following to share in more detail:

“I had the privilege of sharing a financial testimony during the meeting this past Sunday. I felt to add some detail to my testimony here on our stone pile. I do this with all humility and with a heart to give God the glory and display His goodness. I believe we are to share our testimony as a way to encourage others and remind ourselves of what an incredible Father we have.

2010-2012 was particularly challenging financially due to a job loss and the unusual outpouring of resources, yet God was incredibly faithful and by His supernatural provision, I was able to meet my obligation without incurring any debt. During this time I had been giving to the local church, but felt the Lord touch my heart to begin tithing (10%). I meditated on Malachi 3 and felt to meet God in His challenge to “test me in this…”. A point of hesitation came as I wondered whether to tithe on the gross or net income. Proverbs 3:9-10 came to mind and the word “firstfruits” was highlighted. I decided to tithe before taxes, on my gross income, beginning in 2013. God has been stretching me and displaying His goodness so even though I had just learned my sales territory was going to be basically cut in half beginning in January of 2013, I felt secure in moving forward with my commitment to tithe. In 2013, despite my sales territory getting cut, my pay increased by 18%. In 2014, my pay increased by 19%. And now in 2015, I am on pace to increase my pay by 14%. Overall, since I began tithing a full 10% of my gross pay beginning in 2013, my pay has increased by 78%. God is good! I believe God blesses our obedience and I know His favor has been with me, especially during this season. During a company conference call, my manager was recapping the year to date production and mentioned how I had done a good job of bring my sales back to a level of that prior to the territory realignment. One of my co-workers made the comment something like “you cut off Vince’s right arm, and he grows another”, of which we all had a good laugh. I thought about this statement afterwards and the thought came to mind that if that were true in the natural, it would be a miraculous work of God. What He did in my life has been supernatural—how he’s blessed my business is nothing less than supernatural. Amen!

During the last few years, the Lord has also been pressing on my heart to give to the nations–to support some ministry that has an internationally reach to those less fortunate and to expand the Kingdom beyond the U.S. I have since found a few ministries to support and enjoy doing so. God has also opened my eyes to the incredible privilege of partnering with Him, to expand His Kingdom, and I am doing that by first giving to the local church. We have all heard testimonies and been blessed by the Apostolic ministry team of NCMI, whether someone from our church family has been sent to bless and minister at a partner church and returned with that anointing to bless our church family or someone from another church comes to minister to us, God is using His church to bless the nations and I have the privilege of partnering with Him to help Him build His church! I am learning so much and by God stretching me in the area of finances, He is teaching me to lay down other areas of my life in which I tended to hold on to too tightly, both big and small.”

– Vince

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