Enjoying the Fullness of Sonship – Steve Sudworth

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God sent His son Jesus and the Spirit of His Son (the Holy Spirit) that we might come into fullness of sonship ourselves and enjoy the massive privilege of being children of God. Jesus as redeemed us, God the Father has adopted us and the Holy Spirit has filled us so that we can enjoy the fullness of being God’s children.


Galatians 4:4-7


Jesus has redeemed us from a life of rule-keeping.
Gal 2:20
– the old me is dead
– the new me is alive in Jesus
– I now live on HIS perfect faith and faithfulness

God the Father has adopted us.
He has chosen me from before the beginning of time and the moment I said YES to Jesus, I was given a new name, a new status, a new authority and new inheritance (like Joseph; from prisoner to prince).

The Holy Spirit has filled us so that we can enjoy and experience the fullness of sonship.
By the Holy Spirit, I follow Jesus’ example of loving and listening to the Father just as the Father loves me.

The result? I am an heir (co-heir with Christ) – Gal 4:7

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