Dreams Fulfilled (Hue & Vanessa)

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We recently had the privilege of traveling to Ohio to see our friends, Dave & Kathy Swart, and to meet 614 Church!  It was such a special time, and it was amazing to see how God works and the fulfillment of dreams.  Not even a year ago, God called Swarts to Ohio, and we didn’t know why.  We knew it was God, but we didn’t know why He was taking them from our team and family here.  Also, being close to the Swarts, Hue and I knew of their passion for church planting and how it has always been a conviction of theirs that God’s desire is to see churches planted to advance the Kingdom.  The whole time we’ve known the Swarts, this has been on their hearts.  Coming from a non-church planting church culture, at times we didn’t even understand it.  And now we have been able to see the fulfillment of the dreams and calling on their hearts in the planting of 614 Church, as well as the amazing way God uses church-planting to advance His Kingdom.  It was confirmation to us that God places calling and destiny on the heart of every person before they are even born, and then He brings those things to fulfillment in His time and His way.


worship practice

worship practice

And now we have met their church and were able to support and help Dave and Kathy (along with Clive and Wendy Willoughby, who also moved to Columbus) in any way needed.

It was so sad to see them all go back in June of 2014, and they left a big hole at Church in the City.  It was in faith we released them and now we are amazed at the impact they have had in Columbus in such a short time, and we can see clearly God’s BIG plans in it all.  Family is happening there- and new life- and it was testimony to us again, of God’s amazing goodness, how His plans are far greater than our own, His ways much better than ours, and of His desire to bring to pass the dreams and destiny He has placed on each of our hearts.  Our Father is so good and loves us so much more than we can imagine.

– Hue & Vanessa

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