CONNECT (small groups)


Connect Groups gather on the 2nd & 4th weeks of the month in people’s homes, developing deeper friendships outside our larger gatherings. These small groups foster community and grow together in prayer, Bible study, ministry, mutual encouragement, laughter, fun and engaging our city.


Click to email any of the Connect Group Leaders below for more information on their Connect Group and to get their address.


River North / Lakeshore

Nancy Heche & Chris Cue
(Tuesdays @ 6:30pm)

“We have a desire to grow in the knowledge of the Bible through hearing from God and pursuing His prophetic ministry over one another.”

Roscoe Village

Mark & Courtney Nelson
(Tuesdays @ 6:30pm)

“We’re a family that loves to gather in our home to strengthen and encourage one another in the Word of God and by the Holy Spirit.”

Lincoln Square / Ravenswood

Luis & Leanne Lopez
(Saturdays @ 10am)

“We love to brunch together, growing and challenging each other over discussion and just hanging out.”

West Lakeview

Steve & Debs Sudworth
(Wednesdays @ 6:30pm)

“We love eating together, praying for one another and lively, practical discussions as we work through books of the Bible together.”


Ken & Ann Johnson
(Mondays @ 7pm)

“We get together by the fireplace or the fire pit, and we share many prayers, laughs, tears, and snacks, which is what family is all about.”

Humboldt Park / Logan Square

James & Jesi Lusk
(Fridays @ 6:30pm)

“We can’t get enough of laughing, caring for one another and sharing in the joy of being a local church family—praying for one another and…did we mention laughing?”

West Loop

Drew & Alexis Fustin
(Wednesdays @ 6pm)

“We are a group particularly focused on studying Scripture to gain a deeper theological understanding of our world, all while developing a loving community through sharing food and prayer.”


Vince & Esther DeLuca
(Fridays @ 7pm)

“We love to grow in relationship to Jesus and with one another, enjoying light-hearted evenings complete with healthy snacks, worship, discussion of the Bible and our current preaching series and praying for one another.”

Gold Coast

Gary & Candice Klopfenstein
Shoulder to Shoulder

“Shoulder to Shoulder is a group of people that partner with the Presence of God to create a space for heaven to intersect earth in the marketplace, in order to see businesses and business people transformed so that the city and world are transformed.”

Avondale / West Roscoe

Aiden & Elouise Whitaker
(Tuesdays @ 6:30pm)

“Join us in our home as we connect with God, with each other and with His Word.”