BECAUSE JESUS IS LORD part 3 – Trust: Where Does it Come From? (Mt. 4, 25, 28) – Christian Martinsen

10 05

We can trust Jesus because He is safe. It’s those leaders that make us feel safe that we can trust and follow–Jesus’ sacrifice was the ultimate demonstration of servant-leadership. When we fully trust a leader like Jesus, fear leaves. Every organization, group or family with a leader has an environment…

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Baptisms – May 6th, 2015

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Last night was a great celebration of baptism – the outward demonstration of the inward reality that Jesus is Savior & Lord of one’s life – of several people in our church family. We are so excited for the days ahead of you — Liem, Raine, Calib and Laine —…

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Dedication of Jaden – April 26th, 2015

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Today Dave and Erin Foster, some of their family, our church family and leadership, dedicated their son, Jaden, to the Lord.  The Fosters shared a bit about how God has touched them even in the naming of Jaden, a Hebrew name that means “God has heard” and “Grateful One. We celebrate…

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