Our foundation, our banner, our values, our ethic. How we see the world and the world we long to see.

The God who saves and His audacious church.

Exploring the heart of God the Father–the heart that goes after the lost with all of His love–and asking whether that heart is reflected in our lives.

The Body of Jesus in 1 Peter.

God’s people, freely given God’s gifts to outwork them in God’s design.

No encounter with Jesus was formulaic. He is an extraordinary Savior who still impacts ordinary people, transforming them forever.

On various Sundays throughout 2017, we’ll be exploring the culture of CITC- a culture that seeks to exalt Jesus at every turn. Join us as we explore the pillars of prayer, generosity, testimony, freedom, the prophetic and more.

Jesus Christ has defeated death once and for all, and the free gift of salvation is available to everyone…there is no greater love! Happy Easter!

Faith is believing God. The life of Abraham invites us to do just that.

A series on walking with God in the way that pleases Him: with faith.

Celebrating the fullness of Christmas.

Aligning all we have with God’s purposes.

A ten week series on the Story of Exodus.

A three week series: The richness and privilege of worshiping God- now and forever.


A five week series: Christ in Me – Continuing the Supernatural Ministry of Jesus.


In this series through the Gospel of Matthew, we explore the ways that we as disciples of Jesus partner with God for the real everyday advancing of His Kingdom.


In this series, we examine how we as the local church can partner with God to prepare for fruitfulness.


Celebrating the Fullness of Christmas


The Great Commission has always been God’s idea, and His heart has always been to seek and to save the lost. In our series on the Great Commission, we’re taking a close look at what it means for us- the church- to make every choice, every day, in the light of our partnership with the God who saves.


In our series, “Unto All: The Sending and Saving Heart of God in Jonah,” we’re unpacking God’s intentional partnership with His people to outwork His desire for everyone to come to know Him…and discovering that no one is left un-impacted.


What does it mean to love God? What does it mean to love our neighbors? How and why should I care about those around me, even me enemies?

In this 10-part series, we explore how God’s great love for us is the foundation for both our loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves.


In this 10-part series, we explore the practical ways in which the Lordship of Jesus impacts our everyday lives.