Another leg/back healing! (Erin)

Another leg/back healing! (Erin)

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On Monday I went to a mom’s group hosted by Missio Dei. They hosted a woman named Laura who shared her testimony of our God who heals in the midst of her heart breaking journey. She brought a ministry team gifted in the prophetic and healing. At the end they offered prayer. I almost didn’t go up…my girls had a hard time in the child care and I had to step out numerous times during Laura’s talk to help with a crying fit or inconsolable wailing. I felt like maybe I should just go home. Nothing to pray about came to mind right away either. But I asked God…”Lord, is their something you want to heal in me today?” And something actually came to mind. I’ve been having residual pain ever since I gave birth to Eva and my lower lumbar area has been super tight for quite awhile. I kept thinking I was just out of shape and my body was freaking out after the few walks I took. But, it came to mind, so I went for it–afterall, my faith has been increasing and increasing as I read testimony after testimony of what God has done….not to mention, I’ve seen God heal ME not even three months ago from horrific pain after my emergency appendectomy. (written testimony about that to come!)

Laura and another woman, Jen, prayed for me based on the little that I shared. I felt the presence of God around us…I actually felt something like buzzing around us 🙂 at the time I said…hmmm must be my adrenaline or something. After prayer, Laura said she felt a strong impression to check my legs. We looked and they were uneven. In that moment, alignment came to mind and my minds eye focused in on my lower back. The women prayed over me, commanded my leg to grow…I didn’t feel anything right then like previous testimonies (read Val and Gerry’s testimonies ASAP) 🙂 but then they started praying for alignment. Laura put my legs down after awhile and Jen picked them up and we looked at them again and they were EVEN! I told them, I think I need you to lay hands on my lower back and pray over these muscles that are super tight….as they did my knees began to buckle a bit like I was “weak in the knees” and with each buckling I felt my back muscles get looser and looser!

It is now Thursday as I write (Monday was the prayer time) and my back has felt 100% for the first time in a long time…PLUS the residual pain that originally brought me up for prayer has dwindled significantly and I’m trusting for continued improvement. I believe God realigned my hips, releasing muscles that were holding my body in an abnormal position hence the one leg shorter than the other!

I am so grateful for the team’s faithfulness in bringing the Kingdom to that moms group on Monday. I’m touched by the Father’s care for me in bringing to mind something that He wanted to heal! I’m thankful for you my brothers and sisters who have shared your testimonies and pointed me to Jesus over and over again!

– Erin

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  • Nate April 5, 2011 at 11:19 am / Reply

    so cool! thanks Erin!

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