A Sailboat in Tow for Carpe Ventus (Dave & Erin Foster)

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God provided Carpe Ventus with a sailboat! We started looking for a boat to buy about a year ago, but the funding was not there, we did not find the right one and we ran into snags with insurance. This may not seem like the best time of year, just as the harbors are closing, to get a boat, but now we know what we are working with for this coming sailing season. This will allow us to make better plans with mentoring organizations as we develop relationships and partnerships.

During this summer I was able to sail several different Colgate 26 sailboats which are specifically designed for teaching and can fit the right number of people for what we are doing. It is a much better design for Carpe Ventus than any of the boats we had been considering. A used Colgate 26 is not easy to find in our area, but I found one in good condition for a good price in Ohio. Carpe Ventus received some kingdom prayer ministry and shortly afterward the funding came through, we were finally able to get the proper insurance, borrow a truck and bring back the boat!

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We have a Carpe Ventus Benefit event, to help youth get “Off the Grid, Onto the Water”, lined up for the evening of November 12 at 1040 W. Huron. This was originally focused on getting the funding to even seriously consider buying a boat — but now we get to change the focus to resourcing our goal of getting 1,000 mentors and mentees off the grid and onto the water in the 2016 sailing season to build vital relationships as well as life and faith principles. There is still a lot that needs to be done, but it is exciting to be a part of what God is doing in the city! We also had a meeting with the mayor’s office this week about Carpe Ventus that went super well, but that needs its own post.

– Dave & Erin Foster

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