A Friend in Japan

A Friend in Japan

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Many of you, including myself, are probably wondering what is the best way to respond to the tragedy that hit Japan last week. I’ve been reflecting on Proverbs 18:10; “The name of the Lord is a fortified tower. The righteous run to it and they are safe”, and praying that this verse would be the testimony of many in Japan at this time. I suggest that our greatest response is to call on the name of the Lord on behalf of the Japanese nation. What follows is an excerpt of an email from Joanie’s friend who has family in Japan. She outlines some very practical things that we can be praying for…
– Steve

Hello, dear sisters and brothers in Christ.

Thank you so much to those who asked me about my family for your love and prayers.

First of all, my family in Saitama and Chiba are fine. I got through to both my niece and my brother.

However, people in Japan are still suffering:

# of People still not accounted for: Still tens of thousands of people

Official death toll : 1,597 as of this afternoon our time (expected to raise over 10,000)

# of people stranded in buildings where rescue teams can’t get to: 8400 people (In Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures.)

# of people exposed to radiation: 190

# of evacuation centers in 5 prefectures hit by Tsunami: 2415 evacuation centers, 360, 000 people

# of households w/o power: 4.5 mil (Areas not directly affected will also take turns for brown-outs)

The country’s capitol, the major center for businesses and economy has not gone back to any normalcy due to power failures, disrupted transportations etc. Food and water shortage due to disrupted distributions.

I have just come home from a prayer meeting with local Japanese believers.

We covet your prayers for the Japanese people.

Some people are not as interested in helping because of the notion that Japan is a developed country, weakened but still one of the strongest economy, etc.

But Japan has been suffering from bad economy for a long time, hit by natural disasters – Many Japanese live without hope, many young people with depression, business people committing suicide etc…and now this. There are only 1% or so Christians in Japan (some say 3% now). Most people either don’t have any religion, or just cultural Buddhist, Shintoist and Pagan.

Aside from prayers for our families, we have specific prayer requests:

1)    People in isolated areas – the disaster hit area is cold. For their food, water and warmth. Pray for relief and comfort.

2)    Pray for people near the nuclear power plant. Pray that meltdown will be averted completely.

3)    Pray for children all over Japan. Even kids in relatively unscathed part of Japan are very afraid – my friend’s child will not go outside of her home anymore.

4)    Pray for missionaries, Christian volunteers to go to Japan to spread the Gospel through disaster relief. (Many came to Christ after WW2 when Gen MacArthur brought missionaries – this disaster is compared to peril after WW2)

5)    Pray against cult (some people started to spread rumors)

6)    Pray for Christians and missionaries in Japan that we have not been able to confirm their safety. Especially for the missionary family Joel Lovestrand and his wife Seiko, children Akari and Leo. They serve at a church in Sendai (Miyagi Pref)

7)    One of our local Japanese believer who go to Calvary (Mr. Shinoda) is going back to Japan to help his elderly mom. Protection over him and pray that he will bring love of Jesus throughout his trip to Japan.(he leaves on Tuesday).

8)    Mr. Shinoda’s wife do online chat through Bible Broadcast Network’s web site. Pray protection over her as she is starting to feel overwhelmed by sadness.

9)    Personally, please continue to pray for my family who live 15 miles away from the burning oil refinery.(they are safe).

10)  This one is an additional request from another believer in Japan: “The govt requested our company to go to the nuke plant. 10 or so people from the office including my brother and my uncle are going to Fukushima. This is a very dangerous assignment. They are to replace cables at the #4 reactor that is in severe trouble right now. Please pray that they will be able to complete the task at hand safely, and pray for the peace and comfort for their families. This is a very important task. It is said to help the cooling system to perform normally. We need your prayers.”

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  • The Lovestrands October 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm / Reply

    Just found our names in this list of prayer requests. It’s encouraging to know that people we have never even met were praying for us. By God’s providence, we were actually out of town when the quake struck Sendai. Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to be in prayer for the people of Japan. The physical needs are great, and spiritual needs even greater.

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