30th Anniversary Testimony (Candice Klopfenstein)

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In lieu of a party with family and friends to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, we’d like to share a testimony of our Heavenly Father’s love, goodness and faithfulness to us through the years –

He brought us together, seeing beyond what we saw in each other in the beginning, to who we would become through the years

He is teaching us how to truly love each other, and stay connected with each other and Him

He has shown grace and forgiveness during times of disconnection – with Him and each other

He has led us through loss and pain, and brought comfort, hope and healing

He has given us precious children who love us, encourage us, challenge us and laugh with us

He has blessed us with family and friends who point us toward Him

He is teaching us to love like He does – wanting the best for each other, and working with Him to see it come about

He is expanding our hearts to experience more love, joy, peace, hope and life than we could ever imagine, together with Him

He has brought us along-side Him to participate in the miraculous on a daily basis

He is showing us the beauty and joy of His presence

“We love because He first loved us.” I John 4:19

— Thanks for sharing this adventure with us!

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