Prayer Walk (Erin)

Prayer Walk (Erin)

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Here is an encouragement to you that there is more than you think going on in your own neighborhood. Ask God how you might bless your neighbors this week and step into what He is already doing among them. Thanks, Erin, for writing this for us and for intentionally loving your neighborhood.

Lawndale Prayer Walk Testimony

Just had to share the neat things that God did on our prayer walk in Lawndale.  Two days before the walk, Dave, me and the girls went for a walk around the prayer-walk routes to hand out flyers that Gene made for us (thank you Gene!).  Its not very common to just walk around and strike up conversations in this neighborhood so we really felt stretched; but, God’s presence so clearly went before us–it wasn’t long before we had our first divine appointment…Ms. Geraldine!

Geraldine was on her porch with a bunch of little ones outside…she runs a daycare out of her home.  I invited her with our flyer and she got the biggest smile on her face and said, “well that’s JUST what we need…nothing else can bring change.”  She quickly grabbed her Bible that was just off to the side and held it up.. “I’ve got the Word right here!!” she said.

Dave and I said that if the whole prayer walk event was simply to meet Geraldine…it was the biggest “success” ever!

But we didn’t just meet Geraldine.  People all along the way received us with surprise and wonder as they heard what we were doing.  On the day of our walk, several people from our Connect group and the rest of the CITC community came out to support this neighborhood…long neglected…and regularly avoided (understandably so because of its rough reputation).  Geraldine came in with joy and power and our neighbor Mack was delightfully surprised by our excitement for God’s heart for Lawndale.  Another key community leader came and Gerry, who prayed with her on the walk, quickly discovered she was a bit of a celebrity in the neighborhood. Along the walk, many groups found other prayer warriors with faith for the community!   Many people had touching interactions with the neighbors and powerful visions for the community.

Gerry shared one such vision that I will leave you with.  God shared a picture of a jackhammer breaking up the cement in the neighborhood — breaking through strongholds, addictions and shackles that have long bound this community.  As they cracked water was rising up…carrying away loosened pieces and filling every crack.  Living water, the power of the Holy Spirit flooding Lawndale with healing and transformation!

Thank you CITC family..your presence was such an encouragement to the neighbors…you crossed boundaries many of our neighbors thought people wouldn’t cross and I believe God has blessed and will continue to bless unity like this!  I know many of you who couldn’t join us prayed along with us…what power there is in prayer.  Thank you CITC family – stay tuned for the next one!


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